Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We made it!!!

After a relatively uneventful trip from Canada to Brazil, we spent the evening dining with our hosts. The trip was long, but RI did a great job of getting us flights with minimal lay-overs. Everything went smoothly and we arrived in Sao Luis all intact and with all our luggage. After being picked up at the 'temporary' airport at Sao Luis (the main one had the roof collapse), we were dropped of at a hotel. Here, Keith spent the time sleeping, and the ladies did a little exploring, a little net surfing, and a little sleeping. At 9, our hosts picked us up and took us to a nice restuarant by the sea where we met most of our host family's and other members of the club, as well as Marcelo who is on the Brazilian GSE team going to Canada (Brian, I was able to say hi for you on my first day in Brazil!). Our Brazilian hosts were terrific and provided us with great hospitality and tried to assist us with Portugese. We arrived back at the hotel for some much needed sleep, and tomorrow we are beign picked up early to go to our host familys, tour a military police station, and a few other local sites.

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