Monday, April 25, 2011

Day Seven

To borrow a quote from The Wizard of Oz:

"I'm melting! Melting!"
-- The Wicked Witch

Simple put, today was hot. We started the day at a Rotary Sponsored house for improvised children. From what we gathered, the kids can spend time at the school learning, using computers and can eat there as well. In the evening, adults and the elderly also can access the resources. There were about 12 children there when we arrived. They were playing a game with dried black beans and a rock. However their attention was easily redirected with same mementos that we brought including Canada flag pins, pencils and stickers. The centre just recieved a grant to purchase machines to start a bakery under the school. Students will learn these skills and provide food for the neighborhood.

We then headed to the town of Ribamar, which is about 40 kms from Sao Luis. It is known for religious pilgrimages, the beautiful church and numerous statutes. Located right on the coast line the beach looked fantastic from the view at the church. We also saw where local fisherman bring their haul into port to sell.

On our way back to Sao Luis, we stopped for lunch with our hosts Carlos, Divanna and Marcelo. The lunch was fantastic and consisted of various fish and seafood dishes, rice and sauces. Polished off with some Brahma and Coke, we headed for some downtime at the mall.

Lastly, we returned to the old city centre for a tour of the city and history lesson. There was a little shopping in the market and we finished the evening with the most unusual hotdog. The toppings included ground meat, cabbage, green peas, mayo and ketchup. Sounds awful but surprisingly delicious.

Time for bed.


(pictures - hot dogs, statue, Vera (school director))

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