Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 8

Today started with a tour of vale botanical gardens. We walked through a trail there with a guide who described the trees and vegetation. We saw a sloth in a tree and many butterflies and caterpillars.

After a few hours at the park we went to our first rotary meeting at the Sao Luis Ponta D'Arcia Rotary Club. As the club members arrived we were introduced and then enjoyed lunch with them. The club brought in a translator who helped us with our presentation on the 4 Canadian seasons.

After the meeting we visited 3 museums in the old part of Sao Louis for the afternoon.

This evening we attended another Rotary meeting at the Sao Luis Anil Rotary club. This meeting was held in the presidents house and dinner was brought in by all the members. We presented again and exchanged banners with the club, our friend Marcelo was with us to translate for us.

It was 35 degrees today, and rained on and off all day so the humidity was very high.

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