Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 6

Today started with a helicopter ride - too cool - the military police were nice enough to take everyone for a short ride over Sao Luis - see video of Laurie, Jenny, and Marcello taking off...

After the ride, we split up and went for the Easter meal with our host families - I attended Divanna's Mother's house where there were many family members and an aunt who was celebrating a birthday. It was very special to be invited to be part of their family celebration and even with the language barrier, we had a good visit and a great time.

Jenny and Laurie went to Jenny's host mother's mother's house for a meal and Brenda went to Conscita's house where she was hosting her family for the meal.

After all the celebrating, we checked into our hotel for our day off, and Jenny and Laurie lounged around the pool while Brenda and I ended up for a few beverages at a beach side bar after a walk/run on the beach.

Tonight, we are taking it easy, catching up on some computing and sleep, and getting ready for the next four days of touring and presentations.

I will attach some pictures from the last few days for your viewing pleasure (at Leo's bar with Marcelo and Cristiane; at the sand dunes; me in my Bumba Meu Boi costume; Brazilian bbq (yes its a wheel barrow - very ingenuitive)

Boa Noite

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