Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day Three

We started today very early with breakfast at a restaurant consisting of meat soup with eggs and what appeared to be cut up hot dogs (yes, you read that correctly). Nothing like the oatmeal I have at home! All the same, we then headed to Reposa, a tiny area in Sao Luis.

We took a boat ride through the water and stopped at these sand dunes. After graciously dismounting from the boat and hiking the sand, we spent some time in the ocean. Some took the waves better than others (right Keith) but the water was beautiful. After finding the boat again, we headed for lunch with Antonella's House (at least, that is what I gathered from the Portuguese conversation). We tried various dishes of fish, crab, meat, rice, more rice and fried bananas. Of course, there was Brahma!

Time for a shower to rinse away the sea salt and a nap!


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