Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 11

Today started early for some, for others it was basically a continuation of yesterday. Our flight left Sao Luis at 5am, so we left our houses around 3:30 this morning.
After last nights rotary club presentation we went to a bar on the beach to celebrate Marcelos Birthday and say goodbye to the great friends we made in Sao Luis. The hospitality that was extended to us from the Sao Luis Rotary clubs was phenomenal and it was sad to say goodbye as we moved onto our next stop.
Our flight left on time, however after a few attempts to land in Teresina our pilot told us that we would be going to Fortaleza as the fog was too thick. After dropping some passengers off in Fortaleza we headed back to Teresina where our new host families were waiting to greet us three or four hours later than we all expected. We had the day free to sleep, study and visit with our new hosts.
This evening we presented to all the clubs in Teresina at a dinner, there were about 100 people in attendance representing the ten clubs they have here in the City.
Tomorrow we are hitting the road for 5 days to head to the coast and see some of the state of Piaui.

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