Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 29

We have done a few touristy trips here, but today was very touristy - we went to a place called Beach Park - a huge water park - includes three significant little kids water parks, a river float (Laurie's fav), wave pool (small waves by ocean and West Ed standards), a 41 metre screamer and a couple smaller ones, multiple slides for just riders, and with tubes and mats...there were even a sauna and hot tub (seldom used - can't imagine why as the location of Beach Park is in a city where 25 celsius is a cold day...). As the name suggests, the Beach Park is located on a beach (appropriate :) ) and once you pay to go the park, you can get a pass to go in and out of the park to the beach. We arrived around 12 and after getting set up by our Rotary host, we headed off for some river floating followed by a couple of the water slides. The sun was out today (finally) so we all had to be aware of sunscreen use and sun exposure - didn't appear to be any lobsters in the group today...After the slides, it was the wave pool. After bobbing for while, lunch was calling our name - so he headed to the restuarant and had the most expensive meal we have had yet (apparently amusement parks are excessively expensive all over the world...). After lunch, the girls peer pressured/coerced/manipulated me to do the Insano - the 41 metre screamer...well, okay I kinda volunteered to take one for the team so we could say someone did it...or as Laurie put it, "being a man"....in any regards, I successfully survived the insano experience and moved on to making sure I rode all the other adult slides in the park (all those open anyways...), which some rivaled the insano for worst/best ride...all in all, it was a very good day and much thanks goes to our Rotary hosts for arranging for the trip!!

We are all now back at our hosts houses recuperating and preparing for our last full day in Brazil...

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