Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 14

After a great rest in a hotel we started the day with breakfast and hit the road for the seven cities national park. We toured the area and took in the sights. The region of the park was divided in "Seven Cities of Rock", each one possessing a peculiar set of geological monuments as "The Rock of the Turtle", "The library" and others that resembled dragons and elephants. The view from the top lookout was beautiful. The rocks were from about 20 meters to 80 meters in height and millions of years old. There were also ancient paintings that dated over 6000 years.
We then went to a beautiful waterfall to cool off and take a swim. A quick climb over a rock and we were able to walk behind the waterfall and swim in the lagoon it created, what a great way to spend some time. We swam and relaxed there for a while before heading back to the hotel for a shower, and some studying/computer time. We then boarded the bus again and headed out to our next destination Pedro II city. We arrived and were greeted by our new hosts and taken to their homes and then to a restaurant for dinner. Milena a member of the Brazilian GSE team that went to India lest year has been traveling with us and translating for us.....thankfully she was with us as none of the members of the Pedro II Rotary club spoke English! After dinner we headed to a square in the town that was packed with people, we were served cervejas (this sort of goes without saying now) and enjoyed the music and the company of the club members. There was an auction taking place I the square as well.

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